You are required to complete the SAP 520 form when applying for the temporary importation of firearms. You must complete sections E1 to E25.4, G, I and J

Note: Use black ink on the form and submit the full application of 8 pages. Leave the form unsigned until finalized in front of a police officer. Sign both sections I and J.

The following documents must accompany the SAP 520 form

  • Passport

  • Return airline ticket  

  • Proof of ownership  

 Firearm licenses, documentary proof etc. For USA citizens an officially stamped Customs

 Declaration Form 4457, is essential.


  •  Proof of export  

    Note: Clients must obtain documentation for the legal export of firearms from an official government institution (police or customs). This must be written in English and state the following:
    "It is hereby certified that the owner of the firearm(s) M (state particulars) with caliber (state caliber), serial number(state the serial number) and type (state type of weapon) is hereby authorized to temporarily export the above firearm(s) from country (state country)."


  •  Invitation letter from the hunting outfitter  

    This letter must be written on an official letterhead of the hunting outfitter/company. It must include the following details of the professional hunters and outfitters:
      License number(s)
      Province in which they are registered

    The letter must include the following information:
      For what type of hunt the client is invited
      What caliber will be used on the hunt
      Where the hunt will take place (name of farm and district)
      Duration of the hunt

The letter must also state that the mentioned weapons will only be used for hunting purposes on the mentioned properties, and must be signed by the hunting outfitter/ company and dated.  

Note: Firearms will be physically inspected to ensure the serial number(s) match those of the licenses (proof of ownership) and the application form. Ammunition will also be inspected.

For Assistance

If you would prefer to have assistance in making your temporary importation of firearms application you can contact the following persons: africasky@mweb.co.za